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  • Digital Marketing Internship

  • Heldy India
  • Hospitals , Healthcare
  • Posted: 24 Apr 2019

  • Time Left: 1 Day(s)

  • Desired Skills
  • Internet Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Content Writer
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  • About This Opportunity
  • Opportunity Summary:
  • Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include:

    1. Connecting with influencers over social media platforms

    2. Managing our social media account

    3. Monitoring website performance

    4. Keeping up with SEO activities

  • Opportunity Function: Sales & Marketing
  • Opportunity Type: Internships
  • Payment Type:
  • Payment: Lump sum
  • About Heldy India Company
  • Company Description :
  • Heldy India is a new entrant in the Healthcare industry. We are bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals via our platform HealthTime. With our website, we are striving to make approaching and consulting a health expert easier. Book online consultation from the comfort of your home and get solutions to your health problems.
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